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Kelly Elizabeth Huston

| Bio |

Kelly Elizabeth Huston grew up in some pretty idyllic small towns playing “Let’s Pretend…” with anyone who would take her direction. Through dance studios and community theaters, she found her way to the stage, both on and behind it. So while she wasn’t the kid who kept boxes of journals brimming with stories, the later-in-life leap to writing wasn’t a huge one. There’s more than one way to tell a story, after all. And what a wonderful way to continue enjoying the Let’s Pretend game.

In real life, she is a boy mom to two and the proud wife of one of the hardest working men she knows. These three guys have been the best cheer squad a gal could want, especially since her family began making a life in North Georgia.

Kelly still adores the theater and travel and looks forward to an ACT II that includes more of both. But most days, she is happy to sit in her writing nook with all the words at her fingertips, playing more “Let’s pretend…” with laughs, some tears, and a surprise or two along the way. And love, there will always be love.

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